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ZIC Marine 2-T oil is a superior quality two-cycle lubricant specifically designed for water-cooled, high-revving engines with pre-mix injection systems. Premium base stocks are blended with a modern ashless detergent additive package to provide fortification for maximum performance in outboard engines.

ZIC Marine 2-T oil minimizes wear, helps prevent combustion chamber deposits, ring sticking, piston burning, port     blocking and spark plug fouling.
ZIC Marine 2-T oil also prolongs and enhances your engine performance.

National Marine Manufacturers Association(NMMA), TC-W3 (approval No. R-50931) approved.
Meets and exceeds the requirements of Mercury, OMC, Johnson, Evinrude, Yamaha, Suzuki, and other leading     manufacturers’ where NMMA, TC-W3 is specified.

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