ZIC SUPERVIS AW Series is made of carefully selected high quality base stocks combined with special additives to provide outstanding anti-wear properties, rest protection, low deposit formation, and good demulsibility as well as oxidation resistance.

ZIC SUPERVIS AW series has high viscosity index combined with low pourpoints, providing excellent viscosity     characteristics over a wide temperature range.
ZIC SUPERVIS AW series can be applied to a wide variety of industrial applications as well as marine hydraulic     applications. It is very effective in reducing vane and gear pump wear in systems operating at high load, high speed     and high temperature.

Meets Denison HF-0, HF-2 and DIN 51524 Part 2.
Meets MIL-L-17672D, US Steel 126.
Meets Cincinnati Milacron P-68(ISO 32), P-70(ISO 46), P-69(ISO 68).
Vickers M2950-S(35VQ25) and I-286-S(V-104C).

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