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Global Top Tier Lubricants Company

Striving to become the global leader in lubricants

Company introduction

SK Enmove, striving to become the global leader in lubricants.

After having started in the lubricant business in Korea in 1968, SK Enmove is proud of having led the lubricant industry in Korea.
SK Enmove is actively pursuing business throughout the world, transcending Korea’s borders.
SK Enmove is exporting high-quality, Group III base oil to more than 140 clients in 50 countries, and exporting completed lubricant products to approximately
60 countries including Russia, China, and the USA.

Wherever there is friction, we provide the best lubrication solution.

SK Enmove manufactures and sells high-quality lubricants, as acknowledged by clients in more than 60 countries, due to our innovative technologies,
outstanding products, powerful sales network, and great brand value.

Working alongside leading automakers around the world

SK Enmove supplies initial lubricants and aftermarket products not only to automakers in Korea, but also to leading automakers around the world.
This is possible due to a recognition of our global network and technological capabilities.

Lubricant business product range of SK Enmove
  • EVF (Electric Vehicle Fluid)

    • Collaborating with global car makers, SK ZIC has developed high-end products for EV and HEV lubricants.
    • Based on innovative challenges, SK ZIC will once again lead the paradigm of lubricants.
    • SK Enmove is supplying to the global No.1 electric car company, due to acknowledgment of its leading technology and high quality of products.
  • Engine Oil

    • SK ZIC engine oil is made of VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index) of YUBASE base oil and is certified by global car makers.
    • SK ZIC engine oil provides excellent engine protections increases fuel efficiency incredibly in any driving conditions.
    • SK Enmove is supplying its engine oil to global No.1 car markers and other several car markers, due to meeting engine oil standards of OEM specification.
  • Gear oil

    • SK ZIC gear oil is made of VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index) of YUBASE base oil and is formulated with anti-wear technology, providing excellent smoothness and durability to gears and transmissions.
    • SK Enmove is supplying its gear oil to global car makers, due to in acknowledgment of its own high-end technology.
  • Hydraulic/Industrial Oil

    • Optimized lubricant development for each application ensures excellent protection of the machine and increase of drain intervals in any harsh environment.
    • In acknowledgement of its outstanding protection ability, SK Enmove is supplying its hydraulic and industrial oil to global construction and agricultural manufacturing companies.


Selected as the top ranked brand (KBPI) in the engine oil Classification by Korean Management
Association Consulting (KMAC) for 21 consecutive years
Marketing collaboration with SEIG, leading fashion brand in Korea
Launching of eco-friendly products, ZIC ZERO
Launched World Series products
Execution of Sponsorship with FC Barcelona
Developed the ZIC brand slogan
Every Drop with Genuine Technology
20th anniversary of launching the ZIC brand
Launched New ZIC
Selected as the top ranked brand (K-BPI) in the engine oil Classification by Korean Management
Association Consulting (KMAC) for 17 consecutive years
Launched ZIC TOP
Launched “I’m ZIC” as an outlet specializing in the replacement of lubricants
Solely supplying electrical vehicle fluid to T* Comapany
European LBO plant (Repsol YPF and JV) in operation
Established corporation in Russia
HBO plant in operation
Lubricant factory in Tianjin began operation
Established a corporation in India (New Delhi)
Completed construction of lubricant factory in Tianjin, China
Supplied automatic transmission fluid to GM
Classification of SK Enmove created from SK Energy
Launched ZIC OW
SK Energy was divided out of SK Corporation
Launched ZIC XQ OW 40
Received 1st prize in Brand Olympics by the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) (engine oil Classification)
Received 1st prize in the engine oil Classification of the Korea Standard Green Management Awards
by the Korea Management Registrar (KMR)
Established a branch office in Moscow
Supplied GW with automatic transmission fluid
Established Cheonil Lubricant
Launched ZIC XQ RV
ZIC XQ received marketing award by the Global Economic News
Received the most outstanding advertisement award by Seoul Economic News (ZIC XQ – Total lie edition)
ZIC ZQ was selected as a hit product by Sports Chosun and the Financial News
Launched 100% synthetic engine oil, ZIC XQ
Received KS TOP award by Korea Standards Association (KSA)
Selected as the top ranked brand (KBPI) in the engine oil
Classification by Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC)
Launched gasoline engine oil HIFLO (independent trademark) and designated
a genuine product by Hyundai Motor Group
Launched diesel engine oil SD50000 (independent trademark)
Operation of grease manufacturing factory began (capacity of 3,000 barrels per year) and
completely replaced imported products
Established lubricant research center in Korea, the first of its kind
Developed and made sales of antifreeze (under our own trademark)
Expanded lubricant mixing factory (production of 2,000 barrels a day,
which is one third of the total daily production capacity in Korea)
Operation began of lubricant mixing factory (first in Korea to produce high-quality lubricant)
Commenced lubricant business
Established Korea Oil Corporation (Yugong)